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Genuine Aftermarket VY Commodore Alternator for Holden Vehicle

The Alternator is an important component of your car’s electrical system. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy that is used by the car’s battery to power its electrical systems. Do you want to replace the Holden VY Commodore Alternator? Invest in Aftermarket brand new alternator for your Holden Commodore.

The alternator is responsible to convert chemical energy into electrical energy and feed it into car battery. It also supplies power to all electrical devices in a car. Checking an alternator may seems hectic in start and visiting a car mechanic can cost you hundreds of bucks. But now, we have some great news for you; our company has come up with genuine aftermarket alternators which are guaranteed to meet requirements of Australian road safety standards and feature high-quality components at an affordable price point!

An alternator is responsible to convert chemical energy into electrical energy and feed it into car battery.

An alternator is responsible to convert chemical energy into electrical energy and feed it into car battery. Alternators are often damaged due to overheating, mechanical damage or due to wear and tear. The genuine aftermarket VY Commodore alternator is made by the OEM manufacturer with original components and material.

So, if you have any difficulty with your Holden vehicle’s alternator, then contact us at Allianz Auto Parts today!

VY Commodore AlternatorChecking an alternator may seems hectic in start and visiting a car mechanic can cost you hundreds of bucks. Here are some questions that you should look for.

To test an alternator, you will need to check for voltage regulator and field coils. Some of the things that you should look for are:

  • Voltage regulator – the regulator can be tested with a multimeter. You need to make sure that it’s working properly by connecting the leads across its terminals at battery voltage. It should produce 13.8 volts if it’s functioning well. If not, try replacing it with a new one or take it to a professional mechanic who has experience in checking this part of your car’s engine

What are the symptoms of a bad VY Commodore Alternator?

  • Car battery drains quickly.
  • Check engine light comes on.
  • Car stalls when you slow down or stop.
  • Car won’t start (alternator not charging).
  • Alternator makes a humming noise.
  • Alternator is leaking fluid (or alternator cover is cracked from overheating).

How does a car act with a bad alternator?

  • The car battery is draining quickly.
  • The battery light comes on.
  • The car’s electrical system is not charging, or the alternator is not working properly, which can cause:
  • Noisy alternator belt
  • Faulty voltage regulator (VR) brushes and armature
  • Worn bearings in the alternator, or a bad bearing holder

Can a car run without an alternator?

It depends on the age of your car and how old your alternator is. If you have a newer car, you can usually drive without an alternator for a while—as long as it’s not too hot outside (unless you want to pop your hood later and find that the alternator has melted). If your car is older than this, then replacing your alternator should be considered an immediate priority.

How do I check my alternator?

If you suspect your alternator is faulty, you can check the voltage output on your battery with a multimeter. To do this, first remove the negative and positive terminals from their connections to the battery, then connect one lead of your multimeter to each terminal and read the reading.

  • If it reads anything below 12 volts or less than what’s stated in your car’s manual, there may be an issue with your alternator.
  • If it reads more than 12 volts but less than 14 volts at idle speed and drops down to 11-13 when you accelerate (or across town), then it could be due to something else such as poor connection points or corroded cables – though if that were the case then we would expect it would have low voltage as well so best bet is probably still an alternator problem unless someone has done work on wiring recently!

How long do VY Commodore Alternator last?

The VY Commodore Alternator is a type of electrical generator that produces direct current (DC) electricity. It is an important component in your car’s engine and helps to keep it running smoothly. The alternator has copper windings and magnets attached to its drive shaft, which creates a magnetic field that produces power when it spins inside the car’s engine compartment. Alternators can last for as long as 150,000 kilometres or even more, depending on how well you take care of them over time.

They need to be replaced when they stop working or if they’re damaged by something like heavy corrosion or water damage during flooding events like what happened in Australia recently with their floods from Cyclone Debbie.*

Is it safe to drive with a dead alternator?

Although you can drive your car with a dead alternator, it’s not recommended. The alternator is what charges your battery so that the engine can start and run smoothly. Without an alternator, you will have to stop every now and then in order to charge your battery back up again.

Alternators are not batteries or generators; they only take energy from one source (the engine) and convert it into another form of usable electrical energy (for example, 12V AC current). This means that if your vehicle’s engine stops working while driving down the freeway at 80 km/h (50 mph), there isn’t anything else keeping the car moving forward except momentum—and eventually that won’t be enough either!

Is it wise to fix the older alternator or to buy a brand new VY Commodore Alternator?

The answer to this question depends on what your alternator is under warranty and if it needs to be replaced. If it’s still covered by the manufacturer, you should go back to the dealer and get them to replace it for free. If it has expired though, then it might be better for you to buy a new one rather than trying to fix the old one yourself.

A new VY Commodore Alternator will last longer than an old one from another vehicle – especially if they’re no longer under warranty. Buying a new alternator may cost more upfront but over time they’ll save money because they won’t need repairing as often as older models do (which means less labor costs).

DIY VY Commodore Alternator Replacement

If you are not sure about your ability to replace the alternator, please contact a mechanic or visit your local Holden dealer. You can visit Parts Factory YouTube Channel to get the video of how to replace the alternator and other parts.

VY Commodore Alternator Price can be from 300 to 400 bucks excluding replacement cost

A genuine Holden VY Commodore alternator price can be from $300 to $400, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The price is also based on the year of your car, as well as its condition. For example, a 2010 Commodore S has a price range of $350 to $400; meanwhile, an alternator for a 2006 or 2007 model will cost around $330-$360.

Contact Parts Factory Australia to buy VY Commodore Alternator. They offer free delivery as well.

If you would like to buy a VY Commodore Alternator, then contact Parts Factory Australia. They are the leading supplier of genuine parts for Holden vehicles and they offer free delivery on all orders over $100. To make your purchase, you can call them by visiting their website.


Car Alternators are one of the most underrated parts of your car. If you have a VY Commodore and looking for an alternator, it is wise to invest in a brand new aftermarket replacement. The price range varies from 300 to 400 bucks depending on the model and year of your Holden vehicle. If you want to replace the Holden VY Commodore Alternator, contact Parts Factory Australia today! They offer VY Commodore Alternator for just $199 with free delivery as well. Available payment options include afterpay and zip pay.

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