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The Hyundai I30 Boot Lock Actuator: Why You Need It and How to Install It?

If you’re the proud owner of a Hyundai I30, you may have noticed the lack of a boot release button. This is where the Hyundai I30 Boot Lock Actuator comes in. The actuator is a simple solution to the problem of being unable to access the trunk from the vehicle’s interior. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you need the Hyundai I30 Boot Lock Actuator and how to install it so you can enjoy the convenience of a boot release button.

What is the Hyundai I30 boot Release Button?

The Hyundai I30 boot Release Button is a special button located near the left side of the driver’s door, designed to unlock and open the boot lid of your Hyundai I30. It operates using an actuator, a mechanical device that receives electrical signals and converts them into mechanical force. In the case of the Hyundai I30, the actuator is triggered when the driver presses the release button. This causes the actuator to move the lever that opens the boot lid. With this setup, you no longer have to use a key or manually lift the lid to access the cargo space of your Hyundai I30.

Installing the Hyundai Boot Release Button is easy if you have the correct parts. Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable from the car’s battery before beginning any work on the car. Next, locate the boot lock cylinder and remove it from its mounting bracket by loosening the two screws with a screwdriver. Once the cylinder is removed, connect the Hyundai Boot Release Button to the existing wiring. Finally, attach the mounting bracket back onto the car’s body with new screws, re-connecting the negative battery cable, and test out your new boot release button.

Hyundai I30 Boot Lock ActuatorThis makes life easier for drivers and provides greater security since no one can get inside your trunk without first unlocking it via the Hyundai Boot Release Button. In addition, having a functioning boot release button reduces wear and tear on the car’s other components since they won’t have to be manually activated each time. Installing the Hyundai Boot Release Button is a great way to simplify life while boosting drivers’ safety and reliability.

Why do you need Hyundai I30 Trunk Latch?

The Hyundai I30 Trunk Latch is an essential security feature for your vehicle. It prevents anyone from entering the trunk without your permission and provides extra peace of mind. The trunk latch is designed to be used with a Boot Lock Actuator, which requires an authorization code to be entered to open the trunk.

This ensures that the trunk can only be opened by an authorized person, such as the car’s owner. The trunk latch is also designed to work with other security measures, such as alarms and immobilizers, making it even more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access the trunk.

For these reasons, if you have a Hyundai I30 vehicle, it’s highly recommended that you install a Boot Lock Actuator along with an I30 Trunk Latch. Doing so will ensure that your vehicle remains secure and that you can easily access the trunk.

How to install Hyundai Accent Boot Lock?

Installing the Hyundai Accent Boot Lock is not difficult, but it is important to follow instructions carefully. First, locate the boot lock actuator. It should be mounted inside the rear trunk door. The actuator is a black plastic unit with a hole in the center. Next, remove the existing screw from the actuator and install the new boot lock. Ensure that the hole in the center of the new lock aligns with the hole in the actuator. Secure the lock in place using the provided screws.

Once the lock is installed, you can start wiring the actuator. Carefully route the wiring harness from the actuator to the trunk area. Connect the wiring harness to the trunk light switch. To do this, plug the two wires into the back of the switch. Finally, test your installation by locking and unlocking the boot. You can use either the key fob or the interior switch. If everything is working correctly, you’re all set!

It is important to note that installing the Hyundai Boot Lock should not be used as a primary security device. It is designed to prevent the boot’s accidental opening and serve as an additional security measure. Be sure to follow all installation instructions carefully for proper operation and use of your Hyundai Boot Lock.

Tips for installation of Hyundai Accent Trunk Latch

Installing a Hyundai Accent trunk latch can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing. The process is much simpler if you understand the boot lock mechanism and have some basic mechanical skills. Here are a few tips to help you install your trunk latch correctly:

  1. Ensure you have the right tools, including a Phillips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, pliers, and wire cutters.
  2. Carefully remove the Elantra boot lock mechanism from the car’s frame. This will usually involve removing a few screws and nuts.
  3. Remove the wiring harness and existing boot lock actuator if one is present.
  4. Insert the new Hyundai trunk latch into the car’s frame and use the screws and nuts to secure it.
  5. Reattach the wiring harness, and double-check that all connections are secure.
  6. Test the Hyundai trunk latch to ensure it is working correctly.
  7. Finally, give the trunk latch a final inspection to ensure everything functions as it should.

By following these simple tips, you can easily install your Hyundai trunk latch and safely get your car back on the road!


The Hyundai boot release button and trunk latch are essential components that enable access to your vehicle’s trunk. Without them, you cannot open the trunk from the outside. Installing the Hyundai I30 Boot Lock Actuator and Elantra Tailgate Trunk Latch can be challenging, but you can do it quickly with a few simple tips. With the right tools, you can ensure secure and safe trunk locking and keep your valuables safe.

An Elantra Trunk Latch is an easy way to upgrade your car’s security without compromising aesthetics. It also provides additional convenience as you don’t need to lock the trunk each time you shut it down manually. All you need to do is press the boot release button on the dashboard, and voila! Your trunk is securely locked. When you’re ready to access it, press the unlock button again to unlock the Elantra Trunk Latch. There’s no need to fumble around for keys or worry about lost keys – use the unlock button conveniently placed near the driver’s seat.

Another great thing about using the Elantra Trunk Latch is that it helps eliminate rusting of your trunk lid over time due to constant exposure to moisture. This rust-resistant component prevents corrosion and reduces any associated repair costs. In addition, installing an Elantra Trunk Latch allows you to customize your ride as these latches come in various finishes, such as chrome and black. This ensures that whatever color or design you choose for your car’s exterior, you always have a matching Elantra Trunk Latch.

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