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Use Of Lithium Dual Battery System To Improve Battery Performance

lithium dual battery system is a battery system for a car with a backup battery and the starter battery. This secondary battery provides power to auxiliary equipment and accessories.

What Do We Need For A Dual Battery Setup?

lithium dual battery setup will include:

  • A dual battery isolator.
  • A dual battery monitor.
  • All necessary wiring.
  • Other components.

A dual battery isolator ensures that the two batteries are charged to keep the two power supplies fully charged and operational.

What Is The Function Of A Dual Battery System?


Both batteries in a dual battery system operate as separate systems. While your engine is running, your starter battery and alternator work to power your vehicle and its electronics products. While your vehicle is power-off, your secondary battery powers all attached gear and accessories, allowing you to use your portable fridge, lights, and inverters without having to keep your engine running. This is accomplished through the function of an isolator, which disconnects your starter battery from your secondary battery, allowing you to draw power from only one battery at a time.

Maintaining Independence

Maintaining each battery’s independence from the others is critical to ensuring that your starter battery does not become drained and prevent your vehicle from starting. In addition, the battery isolator will ensure that both batteries charge properly. Make sure you know that some 4×4 lithium ion dual battery system can let your starter and secondary batteries work together, giving your car more power to start if the starting battery drops in voltage. It’s not true that all isolators are the same way. Your auxiliary battery is almost certainly a deep cycle battery. This is because deep cycle batteries are designed to be repeatedly discharged and recharged without causing damage or shortening their lifespan.

When you use a deep cycle battery to power your equipment, you can rest assured that you’ll get a consistent power supply and won’t damage your battery by running it dry.

The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Installing A Dual Battery System

Consider the following pros and cons if you’re unsure if a dual battery system is right for you.


  • Allows your rig to power a refrigerator, radio, lights, inverters, and anything else you need while the ignition is turned off.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about draining your starter battery.
  • Increases the amount of available power if you need to use your winch.
  • Solar panels can charge your secondary battery.
  • In case of a primary battery failure, you’ll have peace of mind.


  • An extra battery box will add weight to your rig.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, the potential cost may be prohibitively expensive.

What Battery Should Be Used For The Dual Battery System

lithium battery for dual battery system provides safe lithium phosphate (LFP) and titanate (LTO) energy storage solutions for various applications. 12V marine batteries are similar in size to lead-acid batteries, making the transition to Lithium 12V Batteries simple while providing six times with the battery life and less than a third of the weight. They are the most recommended ones. 150AH dual battery

Advantages Of Lifepo4 Batteries

Lithium Batteries are lightweight, but they are very strong and durable due to their superior construction. They can withstand high vibrations and shocks, making them ideal for military, marine, and 4WD applications. Deep-cycle (cyclic) Lithium Batteries are made for long-term use and are completely dry, so they don’t spill and don’t leak. This makes them much safer than lead-acid batteries.

Battery Management Systems

Professional companies use the most recent grade lithium cell technologies sourced from specialised manufacturers far ahead of the industry in lithium cell R&D. Nowadays, big companies have created a line of sophisticated battery management systems (BMS), which act as the brains inside each battery pack, ensuring maximum service life through precise cell level management.


  • 2 x DCS LFP 90Ah batteries (optimised for engine bay installs)
  • SBP-65A Victron Battery Protect
  • 160Amps is the maximum alternator output.
  • Bluetooth is fully programmable.
  • When engaged, it consumes only 1.2mA of power.
  • Suitable for Hilux, Prado, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Land Rover Defenders, and other vehicles.
  • MPPT solar regulator with integrated 80V/20A
  • The Nissan Y62’s are not suitable.

150Ah Battery Detail

The latest hybrid 150AH dual battery under-the-hood dual battery systems include powerful integrated 80V/20A MPPT solar regulators. The Bluetooth app now displays the extrasolar supply input via a dedicated shunt. The 180Ah DBS comes with two DCS 90Ah Hybrid Batteries. One of the batteries is set up as a Right Hand Positive. The second battery is wired as a Left Hand Positive and has a solar MPPT input socket. You also get IP67 aviation to Anderson Plug cable to plug and play your solar supply as part of the system.

Victron Smart Software

All dual battery systems (DBS) include fully programmed Victron Smart Battery Protects and a load disconnect. This device controls the reserve for starting the engine. When engaged, the device draws only 1.2mA. The top 80% should be used for deep cycling for accessories, while the remaining 20% should be reserved for engine cranking.

The SBPs should be installed inside the cabin, and you should protect as many of your light loads as possible, including USB ports, refrigerators, lighting, dash cams, UHFs, Cel-Fis, and so on. Inverters rated at more than 300 watts must be wired directly to the batteries, bypassing the SBPs.

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Max Charge

You can maximum charge up to 80A x 2, or 160A, with two 90Ah Hybrid batteries connected in parallel with a lithium dual battery kit. Ideally, alternators should be kept under 150A. All batteries have high-performance cylindrical cells, and the mechanical design is very efficient, making these batteries very easy to recharge. It is not necessary to install larger alternators. Original equipment manufacturer alternators are the best for our batteries. If you have a car with a lazy smart alternator, the best thing to do is get a high-quality commercial solar panel, like 360W+. 20A MPPT can produce more than 100Ah per day, which will keep the batteries charged when you run a standard-sized fridge.

This system is suitable for nearly every make/model of 4WD on the market that can fit these sized batteries under the hood or, of course, in the cabin if desired.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest In A Dual Battery System?

Your camping habits will influence your decision to install a dual battery system lithium. A dual-battery system appears to be unnecessarily expensive if you typically camp in areas where main power is available. If you prefer camping “off the grid,” a dual-battery system will undoubtedly come in handy.

Want To Buy A Dual Battery System?

Best lithium dual battery systems are manufactured at DCS (Deep Cycle System). They are the best energy solutions provider, offering a wide range of solar products and inverters. So get yours from them at an affordable price.

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